International Solid State Chemistry Conference

7èmes Journées de Chimie de l'Etat Solide


21-23 December 2015, Eden Star Hotel, Zarzis, Tunisia


The 'Journées de Chimie de l'Etat Solide' JCS 2015 are back again, and in Zarzis again, with a completely new name : International Solid State Chemistry Conferenece ! Whatever the means of transport you are going to use, the trip is nice and the area is wonderful. Eight speakers from France and Tunisia are going to animate this symposium which will be held from 21 to 23 December  2015 in Zarzis Eden Star Hotel in one of the most beautiful oasis, in the south area of Tunisia.


The field of solid state and materials chemistry has grown significantly during the last two decades with successes in the preparation of new materials with new properties. That is because Solid state chemistry has played a significant role in the design and discovery of new compounds and materials that have laid the foundation of new technologies that were limited materials. We, as Chemists researchers, maintain that the discovery of new materials with novel properties is a major area of research, and that is why we strongly encourage active contribution to discussions and participation during oral and poster sessions, which offer an excellent opportunity for presenting and learning about new and exciting research.


So, join us and let's make the ISSCC 2015 an exciting forum to discuss the latest advances in solid state chemistry and an excellent opportunity for cooperation and networking.


In order to facilitate the transport of the participants of the ISSCC 2015 from some academic institutions to Eden Star Hotel in Zarzis town, the Tunisian Chemical Society is going to provide buses according to the planning in venue page.

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International Solid State Chemistry Conference

ISSCC 2015


21-23 December 2015

Eden Star Hotel

Zarzis, Tunisia







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