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7th Organic Chemistry Conference


On behalf of the Chemical Society of Tunisia we have an immense pleasure to invite you to participate to the 7èmes Journées de Chimie Organique (7th Organic Chemistry Conference) - JCO 2017 - which will be held from 7 to 10 September  2017 at Bel Azur Hotel in Hammamet. We remind our new guests that the Journées de Chimie Organique are organized jointly with the Organic Division of the Chemical Society of France (Société Chimique de France). Here is a short historical review of the JCOs:


1st JCO 2000 Hammamet

2nd JCO 2001 Paris

3rd JCO 2003 Tabarka

4th JCO 2006 Hammamet

5th JCO 2012 Yasmine Hammamet

6th JCO 2014 Hammamet


The idea of bringing together leading speakers who will illustrate a wide range of research themes will be concretized by a dialogue of generations whose first beneficiaries will be the young chemist researchers who will animate this event with the results of their recent research work.


JCO 2017 aims to:

Encourage linking researchers and laboratories to maintain a high level of basic research and develop effective skills transfer.

Stimulate reflections on the development of organic chemistry and the problems related to the environment that may result.

Provide an opportunity for young researchers to express, present and discuss the results of their research.


The seventh "Journées de Chimie Organique" will feature several plenary  lectures presented by distinguished speakers. We wish firmly that JCO 2017 will be an opportunity to strengthen existing ties and to set up new ones with labs and establishments of the northern shore of the Mediterranean. We hope that such event will favor new discoveries and exchange of ideas for further collaborations and development.

We rely on your participation to make these days a success as well on a high scientific level and a pleasant stay in this beautiful resort of Hammamet.


We look forward to meeting you at JCO 2017 in Hammamet in Tunisia.


Mohamed Lotfi EFRIT

(Chair of the JCO 2017)


Selective Organic and Heterocyclic Synthesis

Department of Chemistry

Faculty of Sciences of Tunis

University of Tunis El Manar




Topics of JCO 2017


1. New methods of Organic Synthesis

2. Bioorganic Chemistry

3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

4. Heterocyclic Chemistry

5. Supramolecular Chemistry

6. Organometallic Chemistry

7. Total Synthesis of Natural and Medicinal Products

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Tunisian Chemical Society

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JCO 2017

7è Journées de Chimie Organique

7-10 September 2017, Bel Azur Hotel, Hammamet, Tunisia

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