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Synthèse et étude structurale du 2-[N-benzyl-N-[éthoxycarbonyl-1-éthyl) méthyl] amino]-3-chloro-3-phényl propionate d’éthyle C24H30ClNO4

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The title compound crystallizes in the triclinic system, space group P-1. The parameters of the unit cell are: a = 10.092(7) Å, b = 10.956(4) Å, c = 12.000(5) Å, α = 84.19(3)°, β = 66.97(5)°, γ = 80.80(5)°, Z = 2 and Dx = 1.19 . The molecular structure shows a benzyl group and two ramified carbon atoms linked to a tertiary nitrogen atom. One ramified carbon has an ethyl group and an ethyl carboxylate group. The other carbon has also a carboxylate group and a carbon linked to a phenyl and a chlore.

F. Ben Amor, B. Ould Elemine, R. Besbes, A. Driss

molecular structure, tertiary nitrogen, ethyl carboxylate, chlore

Pages 109-114

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