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Synthèse et caractérisation de copolymères imines supports. Etude cinétique de la libération contrôlée d’un principe actif modèle

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In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of copolymers as drugs carriers was the tool of several research because of their numerous and interesting functional properties. The binding of drugs on macromolecular supports allows a better modulation of the pharmacokinetics of drug release. Two monomers supports were synthesized with a model active agent: the p-amino-benzoïc acid (PABA). The obtained monomers were co-polymerized with N-2-vinylpyrrolidone by radicalar route, with AIBN as initiator, and characterized by IR and the rates of incorporation were determined by microanalysis. Various dosage forms able to control the drug release were established and studied. The kinetic of drug release were carried out into various physiological media of pH (1.2, 4, 6 and 8) at 37°C. The influence of the pH and the effect of the composition of the dosage forms on the whole kinetics were showed. The processes of liberation of PABA and of absorbed liquids were controlled by the diffusion of the liquid inside and the drug’s outside of the dosage forms. The application of the Cranck model, based on Fick’s laws allowed us to calculate the various diffusivities to estimate the drug release.

Z. Bengharez, H. Sehil, H. Merine, N. Chafi

copolymer carriers, PABA, dosage forms, drug release, diffusivity

Pages 107-116

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