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Etude préliminaire sur la synthèse des poly(ester amide)s furano-aliphatiques

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New poly(ester-amide)s based on 5,5’-isopropylidene bis(ethyl 2-furoate), ethandiol and hexan-1,6 diamine, were prepared by melt polycondensation. Two techniques were investigated in order to determine the best conditions for synthesis of furanic-aliphatic poly(ester-amide)s. These copolymers were characterized in terms of both structure and thermal properties.

R. Triki, M. Abid, S. Abid, A. Fradet

Poly(ester-amide)s, Furanic diesters, Ethandiol, Hexan-1,6 diamine

Pages 93-99

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