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L’oxydation anodique du paraéthylanisole dans l’acétonitrile sur électrode de platine: Etude mécanistique et préparative

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The electrochemical behaviour of substituted benzenes is governed by the nature of the substituants and by the alky chain length. This is illustrated in the case of the anodic oxidation p-ethyl anisole in the solvent acetonitrile. The investigation is carried out by cyclic voltammetry and preparative electrolysis. It has demonstrated the existence of two reaction paths according to the composition of the reaction medium. In anhydrous acetonitrile the reaction involves a nucleus coupling leading to dimers and oligomers. In wet acetonitrile, or when a base such as lutidine is present in the medium, the anodic oxidation led to the substitution-oxidation products of the side chain.

A. Haj Said, F. Matoussi M’halla, S. Roudesli

p-ethyl anisole, anodic oxidation, organic electrochemistry

Pages 151-159

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