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Synthèse et caractérisation de quelques diaminopyrazoles

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The synthesis of series of 3,5-diaminopyrazole derivatives is presented. Isothiocyanates with benzylcyanid derivatives in the presence of base give the mixture of cyanothioacetamides and enthiols. The cyanothioacetamides reacted with hydrazine or methylhydrazine to produce the 3,5-diaminopyrazoles with a good yield. The mechanism was discussed and the structure of all compounds was determined by IR and NMR Spectroscopy (13C, 1H).

S. Manai, M. Boukraa, M.L. Efrit, A. Ben Akacha

Arylacetonitrile, isothiocyanate, hydrazine, methylhydrazine, 3,5-diaminopyrazole

Pages 123-128

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