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Etude comparative des aluminosilicates de lithium de type quartz β par DRX sur monocristal

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Two compounds LixAlxSi3-xO6 (x = 1,05 (I) et x =1,44 (II)), lithium aluminosilicate (LAS), were grown by conventional high-temperature, solid-state methods. The compounds have the ß quartz-type structure. Si4+ cations are replaced by Al3+ and the charge is compensated by the incorporation of Li+ into the main channel of the structure. The structure consists of a three-dimensional aluminosilicate framework. The distribution of Si and Al in the tetrahedra is completely random. The Al and Si atoms are disordered on a single site. The refinement led to reliability factors lower than those of all the isotype structures. The discussion of the stability of the related compounds as well as the evolution of the crystallographic parameters are been resumed in this work.

M. Graia, A. Driss

LixAlxSi3-xO6, quartz β, DRX, monocristal

Pages 175-189

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