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Chemical constituents of Matthiola longipetala(ssp. livida) (Del.) Maire (Brassicaceae) growing in Tunisia

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Investigation of methanolic extract from Matthiola longipetala (ssp. livida) (Del.) Maire Brassicaceae of Tunisian origin, led to the isolation of methylfirulate-4’-O-β-D glycoside 1 together with 2-O-methyl α-D-fructofuranose tetraacetate 2 as well as α-D-glycopyranose pentaacetate 3 and β-D-glycopyranose pentaacetate 4, all structures were established using 1 and 2D NMR experiments, carbohydrates were identified via their acetylated derivatives.

S. Hammami, I. Khoja, N.N. Mrad, H. Ben Jannet, M.A. Hamza, Z. Mighri

Matthiola longipetala (ssp. livida) (Del.) Maire, Brassicaceae, 4’-O-β-D-glycopyranosyl-methylfirulate 1, 2-O-methyl α-D-fructofuranose tetraacetate 2, α and β-D-glycopyranoses pentaacetates 3 and 4

Pages 159-162

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