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Influence of the substituted β-cyclodextrins by amino groups on the complexation of antifungal drug

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The selective functionalization on the primary face of β-cyclodextrin with amino groups is described. The inclusion complexation of griseofuvin (GSV) molecules by b-cyclodextrin and its synthesized amino derivatives has been elucidated. The stability constants of the complexes of 1:1 stoichiometry (K11) have been evaluated from 1H chemical shift changes of griseofuvin protons. Mono- and per-amino substuted β‑cyclodextrin showed an increase of inclusion binding ability for griseofulvin guest. The fully amino substituted β-cyclodextrin at the primary face shows the strongest complexation ability towards griseofulvin molecules. A simple thermodynamic theory of the electrostatic contribution to the complexation is presented.

I. Béjaoui, M. Baâzaoui, Y. Chevalier, N. Amdouni, R. Kalfat, S. Hbaieb

Amino-β-cyclodextrins; griseofulvin, inclusion complexes, stability constant

Pages 178-186


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