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Identification du polythiazide par spectrométrie de masse en tandem avec ionisation electrospray en mode négatif

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Polythiazide is a thiazidic present in the list of forbidden substances since 1988 by the CIO. This substance was used by athletes in order to reduce their weight and the concentration of other dopant agents. The identification of polythiazide based on GC/MS methods show the deterioration of the thiazidic. Tandem mass spectrometry with negative electrospray ionization LC-ESI-MS/MS shows a high sensitivity of detection of this substance in urine. Mass spectra of the polythiazide have been established “in source” and in the collision cell of “CID”. The identification of the most specific fragments of the polythiazide permits the search of this doping substance.

F. Oueslati, N. Ben Hamida, A. Toumi

Polythiazide, diuretics, doping, LC-MS/MS, ESI-, CID, IOC

Pages 53-59

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