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Etude de la condensation aldolique du furfural sur l’acétone : Synthèse, modélisation et optimisation

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The aldolic condensation of furfural (F) on acetone (Ac) allows to obtain a high added value product, the 4(2-furyl)-3-buten-2-one (FAc), used as a flavour in several industries. An important work has been done to identify the products formed and to develop analytical measurement methods. Product analysis during experiments carried out under various operating conditions, allowed to have the necessary data for the stoichio-kinetic modeling. Once the model is established, optimization procedure allows to determine the optimal operating conditions of FAc production.

N. Fakhfakh, P. Cognet, M. Cabassud

furfural, aldolic condensation, chromatography, stoichio-kinetic modelling, discontinuous reactor

Pages 203-218

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