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Etude de la cyanoéthylation des fibres longues d’alfa

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The effect of changes of reaction variables upon cyanoethylation of alfa fibers by acrilonitrile were studied. The examined parametres were concentration of sodium hydroxide, reaction time and reaction temperature. A FTIR and elementary analysis were performed to show the partial substitution of the cellulose hydroxyl groups by cyanoethyl groups. The results demontrate that there is a steady increase of the reaction rate with increase of these reaction variables. The mechanical properties of cyanoethylated fibers of alfa were studied. The results show that the stress and stiffness of cyanoethylated fibers decrease with the increase of the extent of cyanoethylation.

M. Ben Abderrahman, R. Ben Cheikh

alfa fiber, cellulose, cyanoethylation, hydrophily, mechanical properties

Pages 175-181

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