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Microwave irradiation synthesis of 3-(2-hydroxyalkyl)-2-methylquinazolin-4(3H)-ones and their functionalization using the Mitsunobu reaction

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The synthesis of quinazolinones using a microwave method and their functionalization with the Mitsunobu reaction were investigated. The microwave method was proven to be rapid, simple and efficient in the synthesis of the starting quinazolinone. The results show an increase of obtained yields when compared with the conventional thermal method and the formation of the final derivatives in one step reaction without the activation of the alcohol function. The title quinazolinones were functionalized with a variety of variously substituted phenols using the Mitsunobu reaction to produce the corresponding new ether bridged derivatives in a 57-87% yield.

T. Saïed, N. Jelaiel, M.L. Efrit, C. Comoy, Y. Fort

Quinazolinone, Mitsunobu reaction, Microwave synthesis

Pages 83-88

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