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Détermination de la diffusivité de l’eau au sein d’un gel de gélatine

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An experimental and mathematical study of the diffusion of water was carried out in order to optimize the criteria related to quality and energy during drying of a sample of a Gelatine gel by convection and a radiating contribution of the High Frequencies (Microwaves and Infrared). The results, within the framework of this first part of research, allowed:

  • to determine a mathematical expression describing the dependence of the coefficient of diffusion versus the moisture of the product in the studied case
  • to highlight the "undeniable" effect of the vitreous transition along an isothermal axis on the dependence from material diffusivity according to the moisture of the medium
  • to calculate the coefficient of mutual diffusion of water and the constants of WLF.

F. Zagrouba

Gelatine, Diffusivity, Sorption, Vitreous Transition, Viscoelastic

Pages 327-333

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