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L’Ambrox® et l’ambracétal à partir du sclaréoloxyde via des radicaux alcoxy

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Ambrox® and ambraketal 5 are obtained by a new method using tertiary alkoxy radicals 6 generated "in situ" from hemiketal 3 and hydroperoxyhemiketal 2. Alkoxy radicals undergo β-fragmentation or 1,5-hydrogen abstraction gave Ambrox® and ambraketal 5 respectively. Hemiketal 3 was obtained by ozonolysis of sclareol under oxidative alkaline conditions (H2O2/NaOH). Dehydration of hemiketal 3 under vacuum distillation gives sclareoloxide 1 which reacts with H2O2/AcOH to give hydroperoxyhemiketal 2 in quantitative yields.

A. Fekih, F. Aloui, K. Gafsi

Ambrox®, ambraketal, sclareol, sclareoloxide, alkoxy radicals

Pages 265-274

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