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Synthèse de dérivés 11-hydroxylés de la 6-oxo-6H-[1]-benzopyrano[4,3-b]quinoléine

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The reaction of 4-(2-hydroxyarylamino)coumarines 4 with N,N-dimethylformamide dirnethylacetal 5 provided 11-hydroxy-6-oxo-6H-[1]-benzopyrano[4,3-b]quinoline derivatives 8 via intramolecular cyclisation of non-isolable enaminic intermediate 6. Ring closure of 6 into benzopyrano-benzoxazepinone 7, however, failed.

B. Trimeche, R. Gharbi, Z. Mighri, M. T. Martin

4-hydroxycoumarine, 2-aminophenol, N,N-dimethylformainide dimethy lacetal, 6-oxo-6H-[1]- benzopyrano[4,3-b]quinoline

Pages 229-235

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