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Characterization of a new organic-cation dihydrogenmonoarsenate: [C4H12N]H2AsO4

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Physicochemical properties of an organic dihydrogenmonoarsenate are discussed on the basis of its X-ray crystal structure investigation. [C4H12N)H2AsO4, denoted tBAs, crystallizes in the monoclinic system with P21/c space group. Its unit cell dimensions are a = 14.2655(7); b = 6.3265(2), c = 17.9401(7) Å, β = 147.261(2)° with V = 875.63(6) Å3 and Z = 4. The structure has been solved using direct method and refined to a reliability R factor of 0.039 for 1447 reflections. The compound is characterized by infinite [H2AsO4]nn- chains, parallel to the b direction, connected by organic cations and fanning layers localized at x = 1/2. The cohesion of the framework is ensured by hydrogen bonds N(O)–H...O. Thermal behavior exhibits an irreversible phase transition. IR bands are attributed by comparison with spectra of similar other compounds.

A. Chtioui, T. Guerfel, L. Benhamada, A. Jouini

Organic dihydrogenmonoarsenate, Chemical preparation, Crystal structure, Thermal behavior, Infrared spectroscopy

Pages 171-179

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