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Etude de l'Entartrage par les Eaux Géothermales: Influence du Bois sur la Précipitation de CaCO3

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The atmospheric cooling towers, used for the cooling of geothermal waters of the south of Tunisia, are equipped of laths in wood. Comparing to other walls, wood has a different behaviour vis-a-vis of scaling phenomenon. A comparative study between two types of wood (new and used) and the PVC has been done. This study showed that the new wood has an inhibitory role, on CaCO3 precipitation, by freeing certain acidity in the solution. Contrarily, the used wood, descaled mechanically, becomes a veritable support of crystallization. Wood has affinity to Ca2+ ions in solution at pH superior to 7, permitting so the reduction of the water scaling power. While at acidic pH, wood liberates Ca2+ ions.

A. S. Manzola, H. El Fil, M. Ben Amor

Geothermal waters, Scaling, Wood, Calcium Carbonate

Pages 145-157

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