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Distillation membranaire à poche d'air : Application à la rétention de solutés ioniques et organiques

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In the last years, the membrane distillation has been the subject of numerous investigations in various application fields. Presented herein are the main results of an experimental study, using the air gap membrane distillation (AGMD), relative to the retention of ionic species and aqueous solution of Red Congo. The effects of the operating conditions (temperature and the concentration of salt or dye) upon the permeate flux have been studied. This study has determined the optimal operating temperature of the pilot (333 K) and showed that the concentration of the feed solution has insignificant effect upon the permeate flux. Rates of retention of 100% have been obtained for ions as well as for dye. The main results are discussed and compared to those found in the literature.

S. Bouguecha, M. Dhahbi

Membrane distillation, AGMD, Dye, Red Congo aqueous solutions

Pages 107-114

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