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Inversion de l'effet de Joule-Thomson dans les gaz à faible facteur acentrique

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Inversion data for the low acentric factor gases (N2, O2, Air, CH4, Ne, Ar) are correlated with a simple model Pr = 32.771 - 60.859e-Tr - 6.535Tr in terms of the reduced temperature and pressure Tr and Pr. The so obtained differential inversion curve has a peak located at (Tr = 2.23, Pr = 11.66) and its maximum reduced inversion temperature at zero pressure is 4.95. The fitting technique used is based on the structural optimization method developed by Wagner.

K. Fnena, Kh. Mejbri, A. Bellagi

Joule-Thomson effect, inversion curve, corresponding state correlation, structural optimization

Pages 95-106

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