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Analyse de la composition lipidique de l'huile acide de grignon d'olive neutralisée par la chaux

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The GC/MS and the HPLC were used to study the physicochemical features of neutralized oils either by lime or by sodium hydroxide. This study was carried out first on an artificially- acidified olive oil sample and second on a naturally- hydrolysed oil sample, the acid olive oil cabe. The neutralization reaction by sodium hydroxide and that by lime are both accompanied with a triacylglycerol hydrolysis reaction, which attacks the internal positions of the triacylglycerol and particularly those esterified by linoleic acid. Indeed as concerns the sodium hydroxide we noticed in the acid composition analysis that the linoleic acid rate has dramatically dropped. However, the neutralization reaction by lime permitted to limit this triacylglycerol hydrolysis reaction.

K. Essid, M. Chtourou, W. Jahouach, M. Trabelsi, M.H. Frikha

neutralization, olive oil cabe, triacylglycerol, chemical hydrolysis, position isomer

Pages 41-53

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