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Microwave-assisted synthesis of new spiro-isoxazolino-indol-3-ones and 5-aroylisoxazoles on KF-Al2O3 under solvent-free conditions

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New Spiro-isoxazolino-indo1-3-ones and 3-aroylisoxazoles have been synthesized in good yields on KF-Al2O3 in ┬źdry media┬╗ and under microwaves irradiation. All synthons and final products have been described and their structures established by spectroscopic methods.

M. Elyazidi, K. Bougrin, B. Daou, H. Doua, M. Soufiaoui

spiro-isoxazolino-indol-3-ones, 3-aroylisoxazoles, arylnitriloxydes, 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition, KF-Al2O3, dry media, microwaves

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