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Réduction électrochimique des N-(2-halogénophényl) imidates

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Cathodic reduction of several N-(2-halogenophenyl)imidates of a typical structure (Scheme 1) has been investigated by cyclic voltammetry and controlled potential electrolysis at mercury electrode in aprotic solvent. Quantitative results for preparative electrolysis show the occurrence of reductive cleavage of the carbon-halogen bond leading to the formation of N-phenyliminoether in good yields. For all the investigated compounds values of the kinetic solution electron transfer are calculated since the determination of the current catalytic values from redox catalysis experiments.

B. Haouas, N. Adhoum, M. L. Benkhoud, K. Boujlel

Imidates, cyclic vohammetry, redox catalysis, rate constant of solution, electron transfer

Pages 1471-1478

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