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Cycloaddition dipolaire-1,3 du 2-diazopropane sur des énones α substituées - Synthèse par photochimie de cyclopropylcétones

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The reaction of 2-diazopropane 1 with (E)-disubstituted 3-butene-2-ones 2a-d, at 0°C, gave a 3-acetyl-5,5-dimethyl- Δ1-pyrazolines 3a-d. The photolysis of 3a-d led to the exclusive obtaining of gem-dimethyl cyclopropylketones 4a-d in a stereospecific manner.

J. Lacheb, F. Abdelleoui, M.-T. Martin, A. Khemiss

2-diazopropane, Δ1-pyrazolines, photochemistry, cyclopropane

Pages 949-955

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