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Synthèse des biscoumarines en milieu biphasique solide/liquide: 1. Condensation de l’aldéhyde salicylique avec le m-phénylène diacétonitrile

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The condensation of salycilic aldehyde with m-phenylene diacetonitrile, when catalysed by anion-exchange resins, leads selectively to the corresponding biscoumarin or bisiminocoumarin in high yield. A study of the effects of various physicochemical parameters governing the behaviour of the ion exchanger allowed the most favorable reaction conditions to be determined. The best results were obtained using IRA 900 macropores resin, appropriately hydrated. A reaction mechanism involving ionic intermediates is proposed.

H. Ammar, Y. Le Bigot, R. El Gharbi

Ion-exchange resins, Biscoumarins, Salicylic aldehyde

Pages 915-923

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