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Caractérisation physico-chimique et structurale d’un nouveau sulfate organique: [(CH3)2C(NH3)CH2OH]2SO4

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Chemical preparation, structural, thermal behavior and IR studies are reported for a monoclinic new organic sulfate, (CH3)2C(NH3)CH2OH]2SO4, having the following parameters: a=10.141(1), b=6.147(1), c=22.548(4) Å, β=97.170(8)°, Z=4, P21/n. The atomic arrangement of the 2-ammonium-2-methyl propanol sulfate denoted AMPS is organized as a layer in the (101) plane. The asymmetric unit of the crystal consists of two independent organic cations and one SO4 anion. These entities are assembled by two types of hydrogen bonds, O–H...O and N–H...O. The stability between successive layers is performed by van der Walls interactions C–H...O originating from the organic cations. Thermal behavior exhibits two reversible phase transitions. IR bands are attributed by comparison with spectra of similar other compounds.

T. Guerfel, A. Jouini

Pages 887-899

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