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Elaboration of semiconducting thin layers of CuInSe2 by electrodeposition in citrate medium

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The preparation of semiconducting thin layers of CuInSe2, have been realized at different potentials : -1,1 V/ESM, -1,2 V/ESM, -1,3 V/ESM, on SnO2 / glass substrate covered with conductive and transparent tin oxyde. We have investigated the annealing treatment effect at air and selenium atmospheres on the structural and optical proprieties of these layers. X-Ray diffraction has shown a better cristallinity after annealing. The chemical analysies of metallic precursors In and Cu, present in solid phase after synthesis, has shown an excess of Copper at -1,1 V/ESM and an excess of Indium at -1,3 V/ESM. It is only at the last potential that the layers acquire a convenient proportion of Selenium. The study of the optical properties of this material allowed us to determine its Eg which reaches 0,95 eV.

E. Selmane Bel Hadj Hmida, M. Dachraoui

Thin solid films, Electrodeposition, CuInSe2 (CIS), Gap Eg, Citrate solution

Pages 319-335

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