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Cycloaddition of 2-diaopropane on an activated bicyclic enthylenic derivative. Photochemistry of resulting Δ1-pyrazoline

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Cycloaddition of 2-diazopropane to an activated bicyclic ethylene. Photochemistry of the resulting Δ1-pyrazoline. The 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of 2-diazopropane (DAP) to an activated symmetric ethylene 2 has enabled us to synthesise in good yield the Δ1-pyrazoline 3. When 3 was reacted with excess DAP, a symmetrical bis-Δ1-pyrazoline 4 was exclusively formed. The photolysis of the Δ1-pyrazoline 3 gives the expected cyclopropane derivative 5 quantitatively.

R. Gharbi, Z. Mighri, A. Khemiss

Pages 875-881

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