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Electrochemical behavior of the plain-steel in loaded natural waters

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This study interests in the behaviour of the plain steel in the contact of the loaded natural waters (high mineralization) of the underground water of Complex Terminal (Tozeur-Kebili area). This system is complex because of the nature of the products which settle at the surface of the electrode and the importance of the diffusion process. This is why we use the rotating electrode disk. This assures on one hand a hydrodynamic conditions well defined and allows on the other hand the application of the quantitative theory of matter transport. The settled corrosion products on the interface intervenes like an obstacle generating a molecular diffusion of the oxygen in the formed porous layer, but also a partial blockage of the interface (under cathodic polarization). They also constitute an obstacle to the diffusion of the ions Fe2+ toward the solution in the anodic domain. At the corrosion potential, the process is under mixed control of activation-diffusion, in the domain of the rotation speeds of the studied electrode. 

L. Bousselmi, E. Triki

Pages 709-726

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