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A transformation of cyanomethane phosphomates into iminoesters, nitrils and cyanophosphoepoxydes

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Cyanomethanephosphonates are transformed on imidates α-phosphonated and on phosphonitrils α-bromated respectively, by the alcohol action and the bromine in a basic medium. The treatment of iminoesters and nitrils α-bromated obtained, by the carbonylate derivates, under the conditions of Wittig-Horner reaction, permited the access to the iminoesters α,β-ethylenics and nitrils α,β-ethylenics α-bromated and α-cyano α-phosphoepoxydes

M.A. Oueslati, M. Haddad, A. Belhadj Amor, B. Baccar

Pages: 489-496

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