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Mass spectroscopy of α-fluorepoxides and some mono and polyfluorinated glycidic ethers

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The fragmentation reactions of α-fluoroepoxides (1-4), aliphatic epoxides (1' and 4'), β-fluoro glycidyl ethers (5-8) and α-F-alkylated vinylic glycidyl ethers (9-11) in the 70 eV mass spectra have been studied. The fluorinated fragments are the principal peaks in the spectra of the secondary α-fluoroepoxides. In the case of the β-fluoro or α-F-alkylated glycidyl ethers, the α-cleavage at the ether function is the preferred fragmentation pathway.

I. Chehidi, M.M. Abdelkafi, M.M. Chaabouni, A. Baklouti

Pages 153-162

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