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X-Ray scattering under synchroton radiation for the study of swelling of some clays

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Small angle X-ray scattering under synchrotron radiation is a new method which allows on to calculate for each clay sample, the statistical distribution of the thickness of the layers and the average number of the individual layer which forms a particle. Hectorite, montmorillonite from Wyoming, montmorillonite from Camp Berteaux, nontronite and vermiculite have been studied by this technique. The following results were obtained :

  • Parameters influencing the number of the individual layer and the swelling are the layer charges independently on the nature of the exchangeable cations.
  • Swelling tends to be low in clay with tetrahedrally charged.
  • Interparticle water is three or four times higher than in interlayer water.

F. Turki

Pages 113-124

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