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Effect of a partial replacement of Portland cement by date seeds on the mechanical and chemical behavior of the mortar

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The aim of this experimental study is a comparative analysis of the behavior of cementitious mortars developed from a mixture of CEM II / A-L 32.5N and different proportions of the dates seeds (DS) from Phoenix Dactylifera L. and therefore highlight the influence of DS on the strength and durability of the mortars and try to bring a better understanding about the chemical reactions responsible for the increase of sustainability. Techniques such as X-ray diffraction and Scanning Electron Microscopy were used to determine the structure of the new formulation. After curing specimens at 28 days in water, they are immersed in the same concentration acid solutions of 5% (HCl, CH3COOH). Mass measurement tests are performed at different ages. The results are used to demonstrate the beneficial effect on the compressive strength and the durability of such DS addition, while having a natural setting retarder or accelerator according to the addition rate.

C. Elazizi, H. Hammi, W. Marzouk, H. Majdoub, A. M’nif

Sustainability, Mortar Biomass (Dates Seeds), compressive strength, acid attack, setting time

Pages 326-334

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