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Corrosion prevention of mild steel in a simulated concrete medium by the electro-application of a polyaniline coating

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Polyaniline (PANI) film was successively electrodeposited onto mild steel (MS) by cyclic voltammetry from oxalic acid solution. The anticorrosion performance of PANI was investigated in a simulated concrete medium consisted on a filtered saturated lime solution contaminated with 0.5 M NaCl. Corrosion studies were carried out using standard electrochemical methods, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and SEM analysis. PANI proved high inhibition efficiency against MS corrosion. The anticorrosive action of PANI was related, on one hand, to its catalytic behaviour in the oxides layer healing mechanism taking place at the polymer/MS interface and, on another hand, to its physical barrier property against diffusion of corrosives species toward MS surface. 

M. Mrad, L. Dhouibi

PANI, electropolymerization, MS, simulated concrete medium, corrosion

Pages 359-367

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