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Structural, magnetic and IR studies of a nickel (II) tetraammonium bis (cyclotriphosphate) tetralydrate: Ni (NH4)4 (P3O4)2. 4H2O

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The main crystallographic features for a new cyclotriphosphoric compound: Ni (NH4)4 (P3O9)2. 4H2O are the following: a = 8.645 (2), b = 14.698 (3), c = 8.774 (2) Å and β = 95.89 (2)°. Crystal structure solved with heavy atom method shows a pseudo m symmetry of P3O9 ring. Nickel atoms are octahedrally coordinated by two oxygen atoms belonging to two P3O9 rings, and four water molecules form a complex anion: [Ni (H2O)4 (P3O9)2]4- Magnetic study of this compound leads to magnetic moment µeff. , spectroscopic splitting factor geff, and 10Dq of the octahedral ligandfield. Detailed I.R. studies and analysis with group theory are reported. Vibration frequencies are attributed to the valence P3O9 ring bands and local symmetry Cs of the ring is confirmed.

A. Jouini, M. Dabbabi

Pages 29-34

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