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Synthesis and structural characterization of diammonium bis[octaaquastrontium] decavanadate dehydrate (NH4)2[Sr(OH2)8]2 .V10O28.2H2O

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The title compound, (NH4)2[Sr(H2O)8]2[V10O28].2H2O 1, has one [V10O28]6- anion, two [Sr(H2O)82+] cation, two NH4+ cation and two water molecules. The crystal structure of diammonium bis[octaaquastrontium] decavanadate dihydrate has been determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction in the space group P-1. The centrosymmetric polyanion [V10O28]6- consists of five independent [VO6] octahedra sharing edges and has approximate D2h symmetry. The compound is a classical isomer of decavanadate clusters, in which two centrosymmetrically related cyclic {V5O14} units are linked by bridging oxygen atoms. NH4+ and Sr(H2O)82+ acting as charge-compensating cations and space-filling structural subunits, are connected to the [V10O28]6- clusters by a complex network of hydrogen interactions via water molecules.

I. Mestiri, I. Nagazi, A. Haddad

Decavanadate, crystal structure, cyclic voltammetry

Pages 128-134

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