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Etude des propriétés mécaniques d’alliages à base de Ti3SiC2 élaborés par frittage flash

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Ti3SiC2-based materials were elaborated by spark plasma sintering from a powder mixture of Ti/SiC by varying the temperature from 1300°C to 1400°C during three different durations (10, 15 and 20 min). The phases’s lattice parameters of the obtained bulk materials as well as the lattice volumes, the weight contents and the crystallite sizes were determined by XRD patterns refinement based on the Rietveld method. The results showed that by optimizing the sintering conditions, a Ti3SiC2 based material with a weight content of about 62% can be obtained. The powder sample sintered at 1400°C during 20 minutes is a nearly a fully dense material (> 99%) and has advanced mechanical properties.

F. Turki, F. Schoenstein, M. Abdellaoui, N. Jouini, H. Abderrazak

Ti3SiC2 carbide, spark plasma sintering, relative density, mechanical properties

Pages 115-127

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