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Addition 1,3-dipolaire du diazo - 2 propane sur des acétyléniques monoactivés dissymétriques et évolution photochimique des dimétyl-3,3 pyrazolénines formées

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The synthesis of pyrazolenines derived from dissymetric monoactivated acetylenics of which the second substituant is n-alkyl has been realized stoechiometrically. This result was obtained by addition 1,3-dipolar of diazo-2 propane to the starting acetylenics. In the same way, all the photolysies of the mono-activated pyrazolenines have enabled us to get exclusively the expected mono-activated gemdimethylcyclopropene.

A. Khemiss, M. Franck-Neumann

Pages 3-12

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