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The ClO4 ligand group - Part I - Synthesis of inorganic anhydrous perchlorates

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Up to the last years, the perchlorate anion, as a coordinating agent was scarcely known at all. The discovery of the ionic structure of the chlorine trioxides ClO2+ ClO4- has confirmed its perchlorating part and has permitted to consider again the synthesis of anhydrous perchlorates. From 1975 to 1980 characterization of 25 new anhydrous perchlorato metals or perchlorato metallates in our laboratory was a contribution to the destruction of the myth: ClO4 is a non coordinating anion. The binding of the ligand to the metal is determined by Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy and by X ray diffraction for [Sn2O3(ClO4)4]2. This study permits to propose for all the synthetized compounds molecular structures in which the ClO4 ligand is monodentate or bidentate.

M. Chaabouni, J. L. Pascal, J. Potier

Pages 3 - 10

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