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Plasma-photocatalyst coupling for Ethanol removal using porous manganese oxide-TiO2

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β-MnO2-TiO2, birnessite-TiO2 and todorokite-TiO2 systems were prepared in the aim to be used as catalysts in the removal of Ethanol from air. First, prepared solids were characterized by X-ray diffraction, N2-physisorption, Raman spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, H2-Temperature-programmed reduction and photoluminescence. Second, they were tested in the Ethanol oxidation reaction (at low concentration) under ultraviolet light and under nonthermal plasma. The combination of those both technologies was also tested. A comparative study of different catalysts shows that the Mn oxidation state, the structure of Mn oxides, VOCs adsorption capacity and mobility of oxygen could play a key role in the Ethanol oxidation and in the minimization of the undesirable by-products. Besides, the combination of photocatalysis with NTP increased significantly the conversion of Ethanol and decreased the ozone residual concentration.

I. Aouadi, S. Ben Chaabene, J.M. Tatibouët, L. Bergaoui

Non-thermal plasma, Photocatalysis, Birnessite, Todorokite, VOCs.

Pages 218-226

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