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Hydrolysis kinetic study of N-vinylbenzylidene-3-aminopyridine and its copolymers in homogeneous media

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The present paper reports on the systematic hydrolysis kinetic studies of the monomer N-vinylbenzylidene-3-aminopyridine Im and its corresponding copolymers Cpa and Cpb. These studies were established in homogeneous media with pH range from 4 to 10 using UV-Vis spectrophotometer for analysis. The experimental kinetic constants were calculated and a hydrolysis mechanism was proposed. The pH-rate diagram profile was also determined for the monomer and copolymers.

K. Diaf, Z. El Bahri, N. Chafi, A. Mesli, N. Besbes

3-aminopyridine, monomer, copolymer support, hydrolysis mechanism, kinetic, Schiff base.

Pages 53-60

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