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Preparation and electrochemical properties of PPy/LiCoO2 composites cathode materials for lithium battery

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Layered LiCoO2 was synthesized by sol-gel process, and a polypyrrole/ LiCoO2 composite was then prepared by polymerizing pyrrole monomer in Pickering emulsion stabilized by LiCoO2 particles. The bare sample and composite were subjected to analysis and characterization by the techniques of X-Ray Scattering (WAXS), infrared spectroscopy (IR) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The electrochemical properties of the composite were investigated with galvanostatic charge-discharge test and, which shows that the polypyrrole (PPy) significantly decrease the charge-transfer resistance LiCoO2. The composite containing 25 wt% PPy exhibits a good electrochemical performance, its specific discharge capacity is 178 mAhg−1 at C/20 rate and voltage limits of 3-4.5 V, while the capacity of the bare sample is only 136 mAhg−1.

K. Ferchichi, S.E. Boughdiri, N. Amdouni, V. Pralong

PPy, Conducting Polymer, composite materials, lithium battery

Pages: 45-52

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