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Approche mécanistique de l’hydrolyse acide des N-acyl-2,2-diméthylaziridines

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The N-acyl-2,2-dimethylaziridines 1 are rearranged in presence of aqueous solutions of H2SO4 (3 et 23% wt) at room temperature for four days into a mixture of oxazolines 2, amidoalcohols 3 and N-methallylamides 4 with yields depending on the acidity of the media and the nature of acyl group of the aziridine 1. An mechanism has been advanced to explain the formation of these three products 2, 3 and 4.

M. Kamoun Mhiri, F. Aboumessaad, M.L. Efrit, N. Besbes

acid rearrangement, N-acylaziridine, isomerisation, mechanistic study

Pages: 127-132

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