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Hydrazones β-phosphonatées : Nouvelles voies d’accès aux thiosemicarbazones, 4-phosphopyrazoles et indoles 2-phosphonatés

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The β-phosphonylated hydrazones have reacted with isothiocyanates and ethyl orthoformate to lead new compounds of thiosemicarbazones and 4-phosphonylpyrazoles and according to the reaction of Fischer to prepare a some derivatives of 2-phosphonylindoles.The structure of all compounds was confirmed by spectroscopy IR and NMR (1H, 31P, 13C, 19F).

N. Salah, S. Zribi, M.L. Efrit, A. Ben Akacha

​​​​​β-phosphonylated hydrazone, thiosemicarbazone, 4-phosphonylpyrazole, 2-phosphonylindole, isothiocyanate, ethyl orthoformate

Pages: 133-141

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