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Biactivation de la réaction de Sonogashira par la catalyse par transfert de phase et sous irradiation ultrasonique

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We describe in this work the study of the coupling of aryl halides with terminal alkynes in the presence of palladium-complex and Aliquat-336. This is an excellent catalyst system for the Sonogashira coupling under ultrasonic irradiation in optimized conditions at room temperature and in the absence of copper. Yields increased with the sonochemical activation in the presence of phase transfer catalysis for a very short duration. The isolated products are of high purity. In this regard, we propose reaction mechanisms that could explain the results.

L. Mhamdi, K. Said, Y. Moussaoui, R. Ben Salem

Sonogashira coupling, Ultrasound irradiation, Bi-activation, anionic activation, phase transfer catalysis

Pages: 149-162

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