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Coagulation treatment by Al2 (SO4)3 and residual Al determination in Medjerda water dam (Tunisia)

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The effect of pH, agitation speed and coagulant dosage on the coagulation performance of aluminium sulfate with respect to the treatment of Medjerda water was investigated in this paper. The measurement of residual aluminium speciation was also conducted. The evaluation of treatment ef´Čüciency of the optimization of coagulation process while was determined by measuring the reduction of turbidity, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and organic matter (OM). The optimal operational conditions are as follows: initial pH value of 6, concentration of aluminium sulfate of 30 mg.L-1 and agitation speed of 80 rpm.

M. Jaouadi, N. Amdouni

Raw water, coagulation, Aluminium sulfate, chemical oxygen demand, organic matter

Pages: 175-181

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