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Reaction of hydrazides on imidates

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1,2,4 triazolo 1,5 c quinazolines and 1,2,4 triazolo 1,5,c pyrimidines have been prepared in good yield using N–2 cyanophenyl imidates and 2–crotonitrile imidates respectively. A reaction mechanism has been proposed and discussed. The structure has been elucidated by I.R. and 1H NMR spectroscopy.

M.L. Benkhoud, H. Mraihi, B. Baccar

Pages 3-8

Manufacture of detergents from oil and its derivatives : Steam craking of N-paraffines

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Steam cracking of a normal paraffin in C16 has been conducted in a quartz tubular reactor. The aim was to optimize the yield of alpha-olefins which are important intermediates for the manufacture of biodegradable surface active agents. Influence of such parameters as temperature, steam dilution, residence time and conversion on C5 and C10 to C15 alpha-olefin yields has been investigated.

T. Ahmed Zaid, S.E. Chitour

Pages 17-22

ESR study of organic matter in Youssoufia (Morocco) Phosphates. Effect of heat treatment

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This paper is dealing with thermal simulations of diagenesis of organic components in a natural phosphate, originating from Youssoufia (Morocco) having 3.4 percent of organic matter. Evolution of the organic matter with the temperature treatment is found to be very similar to a III series of kerogen precursor. Its evolution is drawn on a diagram issued from that of Van Krevelen one; that is H/C versus g factor.

A. Bouhaouss, M. Ferhat, H. Estrade-Szwarckopf, J. Conard.

Pages 23-27

Simultaneous determination of volumic weight and shape factor of clay materials using a dynamic method

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We show in this paper that two important characteristics of a particulate solid, the particle density and the mean shape factor of the grains, can be determined simultaneously by a dynamic method based on pressure drop measurements of flowing fluids across a granular bed of the solid. The materials investigated are crushed raw clays. The values of the densities obtained by this procedure agree well with those determined by the classic picnometric method.

M. Benzina, A. Bellagi

Pages 29-34

Caracterization factors for refrigerent-absorbent couples used in mixo-mechanical machines

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In order to characterize various refrigerant-absorbent systems used in the mixo-mechanical machines, three estimated criteria have been defined. The general criteria expressions for any system have been settled taking into account thermodynamic data. Numerical values of these estimate criteria for seven refrigerant-absorbent systems have been calculated for electricity storage between slack and full hours.

M.R. Jeday, P. Le Goff, A. Ben Brahim, R. Bugarel

Pages 35-41

Industrial waste valorisation by electrocracking

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Electrocracking of some pattern organic compounds was investigated over 60 and 120 volts tension and then we applied this technique to various wastes of synthetic rubber products. Results show that this process can be also applied to heavy residue. The major product obtained is acetylene, which can be found up to 80 percent of the weight.

A. Bouassida, R. Catusse

Pages 43-47

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