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A comparative study of Rayleigh and Raman collisional diffusion from gaseous deuterium

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We have studied the collisional Rayleigh and Raman intensity for densities between 18 and 130 Amagat at 293 K. The depolarisation ratios have been compared to those calculated with dipole-induced dipole model taking into account the anisotropy of molecules. The agreement between theory and experience is rather good for low densities.

H. Khalfallah, R. Boukhris, A. Gharbi

Pages 57-64

Short communication: Setting up A band E microwave and tests on KH2PO4 phase transition

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A band E microwave measurement device has been set up and tested. The ferroelectric-paraelectric phase transition of a KH2PO4 monocristal has been observed at a temperature of 123 K for a frequency of 70 GHz. The extreme values of complex permittivity during the transition have been determined.

H. Zangar, M.S. Haouat

Pages 65-67

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