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Application de technique d'intégration numérique a la conception rationnelle de réacteurs. Réacteur électrochimique à électrode volumique

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For reactor design, many different balances (material, energy...) take place and require analytical or numerical techniques. In this study, an approach to the understanding of an electrochemical reactor is developed similar to that considered for the case of a chemical reactor. Both mass transfer and current density equations connecting the different species in solution, form a system of three differential equations. The numerical resolution is proposed in two examples:

  1. The copper recovery in sulfuric acid medium with a axial field reactor working in diffusion kinetic.
  2. The electrodissolution of iron in water with a radial field reactor working in activation kinetic.

M. Benzina, A. Ratel, A. Bellagi, G. Lacoste

Pages 37-50

Short communication: Sur la réaction de dissolution des phosphates dans les acides: I. Dispositif expérimental et premiers essais

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An isoperibol calorimeter is described ; and the device has been tested with the dissolution of [Tri (methyl hydroxy) amino methane] in HCl 0,1 M/Kg solution. Test reaction gave ΔH = 30,07 KJ mol. The results obtained with this device for the βT.C.P. dissolution in HNO3 55 Wt % lead to ΔH = -154,89 ± 0,33 KJ.mol.

A. Ben Cherifa, B. Omezzine, M. Jemal

Pages 53-55

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